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Dog Trainer Mik and his dog Kitty

MoellerDog provides professional dog training services by one of the premiere dog trainers. Well known and respected by his peers, Mik (formerly Kim) has expertise in successfully working with dogs of all types. His unique approach uses reward-based, positive reinforcement training that provides effective, long-term success while emphasizing respectful loving bonds between dogs and people. MoellerDog provides a complete range of dog obedience training and also specializes in working with dog aggression both on and off-leash. With passion and commitment, MoellerDog provides services tailored to meet you and your pet dog's needs.

New Group Classes!

Here's a glimpse into one of Mik's "Reactive Rover" Classes. Visit the Arizona Humane Society website for the current class schedule.

Reactive Rover: An Owner's Guide to On Leash Dog Aggression

Check out the new dog training book by Mik Moeller

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Dogs have many common behavior issues and one of the most common is barking on leash. This book is written to help owners learn how to manage their dogs who go crazy when they see another dog while on leash. It will help you understand why dogs bark or lunge at other dogs on leash, and it will give you tools to manage your dog's behavior and teach them an alternate behavior to barking and lunging on leash.

It also comes with an instructional DVD that provides a visual aid for you to actually see a demonstration of the training exercises taught in the book.

Buy it now for $34.95, we combine shipping on orders of more than one. If you would like to carry Reactive Rover in your doggy-friendly retail store, or for your clients, contact us for bulk ordering discounts.

New Article by Mik: IAABC Journal/Winter2017: Multisensory Enrichment For Shelter Dogs.

Creative approaches to enriching a dog's life with effective stimulation.

blog iconAlso, follow theReactive Rover Blog, written by Mik

Trainer Mik Moeller with a pack of attentive dogs

MoellerDog is no longer providing walking services

MoellerDog is moving away from dog walking services and focusing more on training. In addition to private sessions and group classes, Mik Moeller is also investing more time towards giving lectures and developing training materials for his unique approach to dealing with leash-reactive dogs. His most recent release is a DVD series of the popular "reactive rover" classes that he teaches at the Arizona Humane Society.

Attend a Pet First Aid Seminar!

Mik Teaching a petTECH First Aid Class

Mik is a certified PetTECH first aid instructor. Topics covered in the hands-on class include how to safely restrain and muzzle, rescue breathing, CPR, and what to do in the event of anything from bleeding and shock, to choking, to seizures, to insect stings, and everything in between.

PetTECH instructor 2010

Next class: TBA

If you would like to host a Pet First Aid class at your doggy facility anywhere the Phoenix Arizona area, contact Mik about setting up a seminar. Pet first aid is important for dog owners and dog professionals alike.

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