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Mik Moeller working with a onwer and their dog
Mik working with an owner and her Dog

Need help training your dog? Not sure what to do? Whether you are starting out with a new puppy or need help polishing fido's inappropriate behaviors, MoellerDog's professional training and consulting services can get you on the right track.

A recognized expert in dog behavior and a former long time resident trainer at the renowned SFSPCA, Mik currently works in the behavior and training department at the Arizona Humane society. Mik's skilled handling and experience provide owners with the tools to control their dogs reliably. Based on scientific principles of behavior, our unique approach uses reward-based, positive reinforcement training rather than physical force. This provides effective, long term success while emphasizing respectful and loving bonds between dogs and people.

Private Training:

Providing services for the West Valley region of Arizona: Glendale, El Mirage, Peoria, Surprise, Sun City West and Sun City, MoellerDog addresses a wide range of behavior issues and specializes in dog to dog aggression. Each session usually runs for an hour and is tailored to your dog's specific needs. Contact us for rates.

Multi-session discount packages are now available. Want to charge a training session or training package to a credit card? We accept credit card and PayPal payments too!

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Consulting Services:

If you are a dog training or dog walking professional and you need help with a case or a client, you can schedule a phone consultation with Mik. Mik will help you brainstorm your case and help you develop a behavior modification program. Contact Mik for more information.

Group Classes:

Here's a glimpse into one of Mik's "Reactive Rover" Classes. Visit the Arizona Humane Society's website for the current class schedule.

Professional Speaking:

Mik also offers consultation services to professional dog trainers, rescue organizations, animal shelters and dog owners. She has lectured internationally and is available for speaking engagements both locally and abroad. Stay tuned for upcoming lecture dates. Learn more

Be a part of one of Mik's professional speaking engagements from your living room. Available through Tawzer Dog Videos, professionally filmed and edited, is one of Mik's more recent Reactive Rover Seminars. You can catch the seminar from begining to end in a 3 disk set. Learn more

Email Us or call (415) 518-5379 to find out how MoellerDog can help you and your dog!

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Basic Manners and Obedience Training

Training your dog to behave and respond to you is an important aspect of caring for your pet. MoellerDog can help you work with your dog in the following areas:

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Puppy Training

Proactively training your new puppy is one of the best things you can do for your pet's well being. The first few months of your puppy's life are a crucial time as he or she develops habits and impressions of the world. It is up to you to provide positive experiences and direction that will stay with your puppy the rest of his or her life. Mik will guide you through all the steps you need to take with your pup to give them a head start.

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On Leash Dog Aggression

Taking your dog out on walks doesn't need to be an unpleasant experience. With some professional coaching and consistent practice, many dogs can become great companions on a stroll through the park to chat with friends and greet other dogs. For many people, however, taking their dog out in public is quite a challenge. Many dogs that bark, lunge and growl at other dogs and people while they are on leash are simply misunderstood. Most dogs are social animals who want to approach and investigate. However, on a leash, they do not have this freedom, which causes frustration. Dogs may also bark and lunge at other dogs because they are uncomfortable with the situation. This reaction is seen especially in dogs who are under-socialized or who have had a bad experience with dogs in the past. In any case, aggressive behavior is not acceptable and make, what should be an enjoyable time, quite stressful and tiring.

Many things can be done to ease both you and your dog's frustrations. As a certified specialist in dog-dog aggression, Mik will teach you how to control and manage your dog's unruly behavior using positive training methods. With committed effort and a proactive approach, the improvements in your dog's leash manners can be quite dramatic.

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Off Leash Social Skills Assessment

If your dog seems aggressive toward other dogs and people off leash then most likely you have a list of questions. Why does my dog bark and lunge at other dogs? How concerned should I be about my dog's behavior? Are they playing or fighting? What can I do change it? Will my dog's reactions get worse? Is it safe for my dog to be around other dogs and people? These are all difficult answers and hard to discern on our own. The expert advice of a specialist is invaluable in getting reliable information about what is or isn't a concern. With extensive experience in assessing dog behavior, Mik will provide a full evaluation of your dog's social skills and present you with the best training or management options appropriate for your pet.

Learn more about Appropriate Dog Play

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Group classes at the Arizona Humane Society

Mik is currently teaching classes at the Arizona Humane Society. This five week course is designed to help teach dog owners how to manage and treat dogs that are aggressive to other dogs while on-leash.

To learn more Email Mik directly, or check out the Arizona Humane Society website to enroll in the next available classes.

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Professional Speaking and Lectures

Mik is a captivating speaker-- knowledgeable about his subjects, always beautifully prepared with fascinating video and materials, and greatly entertaining. He has a talent for building rapport with each audience, using his perfectly timed humor and obvious engagement with the topics to pull each person in. You will not leave one of Mik's lectures, seminars, or workshops without learning valuable new insights and training strategies, and without a belly ache from laughing along the way.

Mik is an accomplished international speaker. He has given seminars in different regions of Spain as well as England. In 2012 he was the Keynote Speaker for the APDT conference in New Zealand. He was top speaker at the Australian APDT in 2016. He also has presented with the likes of Jean Donaldson, Janis Bradley, Trish King and Robin Bennett. He has also given presentations to dog owners and rescue organizations, discussing appropriate dog play and dog park etiquette.

Mik formally worked at the SF SPCA as the canine behavior specialist. While there he developed a volunteer internship program for volunteers which provides an in-depth curriculum for volunteers wanting to learn more about dog training and apply it to working with and training dogs in the shelter. Currently Mik works at the Arizona Humane Society teaching Reactive Rover Classes, provide canine enrichment to the shelter animals and prepares training plans for behavior modification.

Email Mik or call (415) 518-5379 for more information about speaking engagements.

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