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Mik's help with our aggressive 90 pound female has allowed us to enjoy off leash walks, giving our dog great dog-dog social time she could not have had otherwise. A million thanks to Mik! His training has allowed us to go for walks with our dog and have a relaxed, pleasant experience, free from my dog freaking out, rearing up if she sees another neighborhood dog (while both leashed !). Most of all, Mik's attentive, skilled, professional help has made us feel absolutely secure around other dogs, giving us techniques, tools to keep our dog calm. After our dog attacked another dog a year ago, costing us $400 in a vet bill , these tools are no small blessing and have assured us greatly that such an attack will not occur again. Most of all, Mik's help has greatly heightened my "love" and deep connection to my puppy, Huacha. THANKS KIM!!!! You have helped us tons!

-Isabel Saques, Client

Mik's skill in reading and working with dogs, especially those that do not get along with other dogs, is well known and respected among fellow trainers.  Mik is the trainer trainers call with dog-dog cases they don't feel up to.  She is also a terrific instructor, as I've had the pleasure of experiencing while co-teaching the dogTEC Dog Walking Institute together. The idea of a professional course for dog walkers was unheard of before Mik suggested it. Working with him to found, design, and teach the program has continued to hone my respect for his skills with and understanding of dogs. I would urge any dog owner, professional walker, or dog lover thinking about a career in dog walking not to pass by any opportunity to learn from and with Mik.

-Veronica Boutelle, Owner, dogTEC

Hi Mik. I just wanted to give you an update on Carrie's training. She no longer barks on leash at other dogs with hackles raised. Instead, she just looks at me expectantly for a treat. Off leash, she's now running up to dogs to greet them. Most of the play is a little too much for her, but she's doing a lot of good butt-sniffing. And occasionally, after watching Sara engage for a while, she'll get in on a good chase. I'm so proud of her progress. We couldn't have done it without you. Thanks again.

-Amy Haddix, Client

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